I had the privilege to draw a portrait for a very wonderful couple of their precious grandson, Kai. I have been blessed by them, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this for them.



Peter Pan

Here is a story of a boy who never grew up and will continue having adventures of childhood for as long as he shall live. This may not be quite true of William Erkens who is sure to grow up soon, but nonetheless, he has had the life of a Peter Pan as any a boy could. Being the eldest of four children, Will acts as the leader of his sister, who could easily be thought of as Wendy, and his two brothers, who naturally could be viewed as John and Michael. Will has spent much of his life living on a farm, helping out with the garden and being nearly one with the animals. He enjoys exploring the world outside, going hunting, and looking after the animals on the farm with his siblings. The author of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie, gives just as much credit to his little friends, the Llewelyn Davies boys, to the creation of this well loved character. During one of his many walks through the park of Kensington Gardens he came across this family and developed a strong friendship with them. Barrie was able to bring out his inner child when playing make believe with the boys. They were his greatest influence in bringing the characters in Peter Pan to life.IMG_5291