The Arabian Nights

Being raised in different cultures, I developed an open mind and curiosity for other areas of the world. The compilation of works derives from a variety of countries and regions such as Arabia, Persia, India, and Egypt, which brings a vast range of cultures together. Because of this, I have chosen my friend Daniel Yılmaz to portray a character named Zumurrud of Samarkand from the story Ali Shar and Zumurrud. In the story, Zumurrud puts on a disguise as a noble Turk in order to escape captivity. Daniel is originally from Turkey and for part of his life grew up in Kazakhstan. He is fluent in Turkish, English, and Russian. Having been brought up in different countries as well, languages was something we bonded over. We would teach each other little phrases in Turkish and German. Even though our backgrounds are very different, having that connection with Daniel and people like him helps to understand and appreciate those who come from diverse cultures.



One thought on “The Arabian Nights

  1. Gail Eiloart says:

    Dear Estelle, This is the first of your works that I have felt uncomfortable about. It is the lighting and the orange “cloud” on the left. It is an odd cloud, and if it really is that colour, surely it would be reflecting orange light on the figure? The figure shows only shade against the cloud. I don’t know enough of the story to understand the figure’s expression – an Arab?.
    I hope you don’t find this discouraging.
    Blessings, Gail

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