Grand Family Time

Every week I go downtown to a coffee shop, listen to music on their open mic night, spend time with friends, and also work on my drawings in this art-filled environment. I love it so much, and it has been a great testimony to be able to show my God-given talent to perfect strangers. It is also a wonderful place for me to receive more commissions. I have made friends with many of the workers there, and one of the baristas commissioned me to do this sweet picture. Looks like he was a little inspired after seeing the drawing I did for my friend Tyler a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed drawing this picture.

Grandfather and granddaughter


Portrait of a Couple

A little while ago, my dad went to Baylor University in Texas as a guest speaker. He stayed with one of the professors and his wife during his visit. Here is a portrait I drew of them that my dad commissioned me to do. I hope they enjoy it.