The Technocrats

My dad is making a documentary over Technocracy, and wanted me to draw two of the main figures who were famous Technocrats during the early-20th century.

Marion King Hubbert (October 5, 1903 – October 11, 1989) was a geoscientist who worked at the Shell research lab in Houston, Texas. Hubbert was also an avid technocrat. He co-founded Technocracy Incorporated with Howard Scott. Hubbert wrote a study course that was published without authorship called Technocracy Study Course, the precedent document of that group which advocates a non-market economics form of energy accounting, in contrast to the current Price System method.

Howard Scott (April 1, 1890–January 1, 1970) was a controversial engineer who had an interest in technocracy, and helped to form the Technical Alliance, Committee on Technocracy, and Technocracy Incorporated.

The documentary will be posted at one of my dad’s website:



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