Mr. Tumnus

This year I have started to make time for “fun art” to do for myself and for others alongside my regular commissions. It has really brought me much more happiness and motivation to draw. And nothing makes me more excited than to draw pictures from Narnia! “…how would it be if you came and had tea with me?”


Spiritualization of Technology

A year and a half ago, my father, Dr. Martin Erdmann, commissioned me to draw the cover of his book “Spiritualization of Technology” (translation from the German title). It was a good opportunity to think along more conceptual lines and to come up with eye-catching ideas to represent his work. The book is now available to order on Amazon.

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Transhumanism promotes the idea of human enhancement by technological means. In its extremes, futuristic concepts like intelligence enhancement using techniques like genetic engineering, psychopharmacology, antiaging therapies, neural interfaces, wearable/implantable computers, long-lasting internal organ replacement, mental uploading and so forth are propagated from prominent positions like the US Nanotechnology Initiative and the Oxford University philosophy department.

In view of rapid technologic pace in computer science and in nanotechnology, and the already heated debate in the comparatively minor field of gene technology, the book “Spiritualization of Technology” (translation of the German title) offers a step back to have a different look at the debate from an interdisciplinary standpoint. The author, Dr. Martin Erdmann, finds roots of the transhumanist endeavors in the history of philosophy already at the time of the pre-socratic Sophists, then in the example of enthusiastic eras in religion, the 18th century materialistic worldview, the 19th century concepts of ongoing human evolution, the 20th century belief in almighty science and the 21st century nanotechnology development. This line of thought sheds light on the central question that seems as important for transhumanistic futurism as it is for gene technology and for daily patient care: what is the nature of man?



I had the privilege to draw a portrait for a very wonderful couple of their precious grandson, Kai. I have been blessed by them, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this for them.


Peter Pan

Here is a story of a boy who never grew up and will continue having adventures of childhood for as long as he shall live. This may not be quite true of William Erkens who is sure to grow up soon, but nonetheless, he has had the life of a Peter Pan as any a boy could. Being the eldest of four children, Will acts as the leader of his sister, who could easily be thought of as Wendy, and his two brothers, who naturally could be viewed as John and Michael. Will has spent much of his life living on a farm, helping out with the garden and being nearly one with the animals. He enjoys exploring the world outside, going hunting, and looking after the animals on the farm with his siblings. The author of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie, gives just as much credit to his little friends, the Llewelyn Davies boys, to the creation of this well loved character. During one of his many walks through the park of Kensington Gardens he came across this family and developed a strong friendship with them. Barrie was able to bring out his inner child when playing make believe with the boys. They were his greatest influence in bringing the characters in Peter Pan to life.IMG_5291

Jill Pole

Deep down Jill is a very confident person, and she tries to prove her confidence to Eustace as well as herself when she stands very near the edge of the cliff in Aslan’s Country. Her real test of character comes in the moments after when Eustace falls off the cliff and suddenly a huge lion is standing beside her. When he makes her no promise of her safety in his presence, she must learn to trust him no matter what may become of her. All her confidence seemingly fades away and in her meekness he then gives her the great responsibility of learning the signs that will help her and Eustace to find the lost prince. Such a work by God has been prevalent for many years in my life. It is by the power of God with which He uses the smallest of people to exemplify His greatness. He uses our weaknesses so we might see His glory. The journey He brings you through is, however, not accomplished effortlessly. Throughout the Chronicles the lion Aslan often gives a command and then a warning. To Jill he commands her to remember the signs and repeat them over and over again. He tells her that up in his country the air is clear and her mind is clear. Once she is in Narnia, it will not be so down there and she must hold on fast to the signs and let nothing confuse her mind. This was the warning he gave. Going to a Christian university may make it simple to remember the Word of the Lord and be continuously encouraged by other believers. But what will happen when I leave such a Christ-centered place? Puddleglum the marshwiggle gave a reassuring word by saying that Aslan did not tell Jill what would happen, but he told her what to do. And in this comes true confidence. Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


The Arabian Nights

Being raised in different cultures, I developed an open mind and curiosity for other areas of the world. The compilation of works derives from a variety of countries and regions such as Arabia, Persia, India, and Egypt, which brings a vast range of cultures together. Because of this, I have chosen my friend Daniel Yılmaz to portray a character named Zumurrud of Samarkand from the story Ali Shar and Zumurrud. In the story, Zumurrud puts on a disguise as a noble Turk in order to escape captivity. Daniel is originally from Turkey and for part of his life grew up in Kazakhstan. He is fluent in Turkish, English, and Russian. Having been brought up in different countries as well, languages was something we bonded over. We would teach each other little phrases in Turkish and German. Even though our backgrounds are very different, having that connection with Daniel and people like him helps to understand and appreciate those who come from diverse cultures.


Robin Hood

When we moved back to the States and found a church to attend, our youth pastor, Abe Stratton, reminded me of Jonas Armstrong who portrayed Robin in the series. After getting to know Pastor Stratton better, his strong leadership skills and vivacious personality made it clear that he was more like Robin Hood than just meets the eye. He cared deeply for the teenagers he was teaching and mentoring and for his church. In the Bible, a bow often symbolizes the doctrine of truth and a tool used for carrying out the gospel. Not only is the bow highly iconic for Robin Hood, but it also plays a great significance in depicting Abe Stratton as a pastor.